About me ✨

Hello, I'm Ana Neri, I'm a Senior Software Engineer from Brazil!

My career started early, around the age of 12, when after a lot of hard work, my parents managed to give me my first computer as a gift.

At that time, I created themes for Tumblr and sold them to my friends. I came from a background where we didn't have much money, and my family was quite humble, but my parents never spared any effort to help me pursue my dreams... and they always encouraged me to follow what I love and be the protagonist of my career.

That's when they encouraged me to enroll in a technical school alongside high school. My passion for programming didn't come right away because, in high school, I used C++ and Arduino programming for embedded systems. Although I didn't immediately identify with it, I had incredible teachers who supported students in conquering the world!

And so, without any money to finance college, I found myself at a crossroads in choosing a career. That's when my father made me reflect on how much I loved programming using HTML and CSS to create fun things, and I thought: Why not make a career out of it?

I obtained a full scholarship to college, and since then, I have been overcoming my fears and obstacles to become a protagonist in my career and bring as many women along with me as possible.

Today, I am a Senior Software Engineer and work with the JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, and NestJS stack. I have a macro leadership role in teams, provide support to junior and mid-level developers, and volunteer in technology communities such as Womakerscode and NodeBR.

Additionally, I was nominated by Google in the Women Tech Makers Ambassador program, which encourages content creation and giving presentations.

Today, I do all of this as a way of giving back to the community that supported me when I started, and I love it!

" If one day you are asked why you evolve quickly, say: My fears don't stop my dreams "