About me ✨

Hello, I'm Ana Beatriz Neri or just Ana, I'm a Software Engineer from Brazil!

All my life was based in help people, discover new things on all the web, and listen to Rock and Roll <3 When I was a kid I liked to surf the web using some friends' computers because I came from a family that was unable to pay for one and until that was cool because I learned to love reading a lot because I don't always have a computer.

My first contact with development was with Tumblr, I developed my first blog using the basics of HTML and CSS and since then I'm a person who loves to build something on the web.

Today I'm a Community Organizer of some communities like Womakerscode and DevelopersBR, I'm learning so much with the communities because when I started my career the support of something like that helps me a lot to transform me into the woman that I'm today :) In these communities I organize meetups, give talks and support peoples who want to start they careers.

Because of my passion to share knowledge and learn with people I created a Youtube Channel where I teach about Java, Spring Boot, and other technologies, check It out if you wanted!

In a few words, this is me, I'm a woman who likes to code in Java, and play bass in my free time :p I live in Brazil and one of my dreams is to work in another country to have the possibility to know other cultures!

" If one day you are asked why you evolve quickly, say: My fears don't stop my dreams "